Composition of Product

Production Producre

TMR feed supply & Dairy Consulting

Stable and direct supply TMR feed to any order

  • Possible to produce TMR feed directly after order
  • It takes 10 days for the export procedure before shipping

Availability of safe feed materials and TMR formulation computer program

  • Plenty Data accumulation about nutrients, palatability, mixing rates of feed materials and forages
  • Qualified mixture formulation data

TMR feed made to order

  • Long time field experience and various farm environments

Modern facilities, production system & updated Knowhow

Sojourn of our specialist for the efficient consulting

Constant improvement from the farm environment and solving problems

  • High feed efficiency (best formulation rates) and Save manpower and the cost

Establishment of the feeding system of the farm

  • Replacement feeding (Calves), Milking cow feeding and dry cow feeding
  • Total feeding program

Consulting for the milk process unit