Types of Products

Dramatically improving animal’s physical condition

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Perfect TMR
Fermented Roughage
Total Mix Fiber

Formats of Products

  • T.M.R FEED

    It means Total Mixed Ration Feed. This feed solves everything at once. It's a convenient feed that you don't need to mix along the farm.

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  • Fermented Roughage

    It was fermented with Super Premium hays such as Timothy, Alfalfa, and Oat. It obtained a patent for fermentation of lactic acid bacteria using hay.

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  • Total Mix Fiber

    The ingredients differ depending on which glue you mix.

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  • HAY

    Timothy Hay, Oat, Alfalfa Hay etc.

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  • Silage

    It is manufactured with a whole corn (grains, leaves and stem) of silage-specialized corn kind at the dent stage. This product enables to be supplied through the year, has good quality and rarely has nutrient loss.

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  • Cotton Seed,
    Alfalfa Pellet,
    Beet Plup Pellet

Features of Products

Pursuing the organic livestock industry

  • • Dramatically improving animal’s physical condition
    (healthy cattle, extending a cattle’s economic life span)
  • • Producing healthy livestock products
    (high-class meat, high-quality milk)

Expanding stable oversea fodder supply base

  • • Keeping relatively inexpensive unit price of raw materials
  • • Securing the means differentiating our product

Producing high-quality fodders

  • • Using strictly selected raw materials
  • • Keeping the nutrients balance including the ratio of roughage and concentrated fodder
  • • Producing sanitary fodder and intensifying the disinfection management

Fodder Manufacturer to be welcomed
from livestock farms