Total Mixed Ration

It means the complete mixed feed combining the concentrated feed like grains and forages like hay To meet for animal’s physiological demands after processing them in their optimal conditions

  • Balanced Feeding By preventing the cow’s selected feeding, this feed creates the effect of balanced feeding of grain vs. forage

  • Minimize the pH change Minimize the pH change in the Rumen

  • Cow’s Palatability Enhance the cow’s palatability & DMI (Dry matter intake)

  • Save Manpower

  • Optimum Nutrients Provide the scientifically optimum nutrients to the animal's

Advantage of TMR for the Ruminants

  • 1. To prevent the feed selection

    Cow usually select and eat palatable materials from the feed. They leave unpalatable part in the feeder. Mixed TMR feed do not permit the feed selection so it prevents the nutritional imbalance and the feed waste. TMR result in the balanced feed ratio of forage to concentrated feed also.

  • 2. More feed intake with high palatability

    Feed intake has great relationship with milk production. High feed intake serves to display their genetic ability for the milk production and high milk fat and protein. TMR feed increase the feed intake and the productivity of dairy cow.

  • 3. To maintain the balanced feed ratio of forage to concentrates

    TMR mix formulation can be controlled for the optimum nutrition and feed intake whenever the forages and grain feed materials are changed. So it is possible to maintain nutritional balance and the optimum feed ratio of forage to concentrates. We can use the unpalatable and chief feed materials in TMR feed with good formulation.

  • 4. To maintain the optimum pH in rumen and improve the feed efficiency

    There are a lot of microbes living in rumen. They solve the feed to VFA and cow digest and absorb them. Grain feed make the rumen acid and decrease the pH but forages increase the pH. Low pH degenerate some important microbes and result in the low feed efficiency. TMR feed maintain the optimum pH for the microbes in rumen with balanced foragegrain ratio. The good ratio prevents many kinds of the metabolic disorder.

  • 5. To prevent many kinds of diseases

    Cows have voluntary feed intake in TMR feeding. They freely have feed for 20~30 minutes 10~12 times a day. Voluntary intake with balanced nutrition, stable pH and optimum forage-grain ratio prevent the diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, abomasum displacement, laminitis, milk fever, Ketosis, retention of placenta and reproductive disorders.

  • 6. Stable feed supply and reduction of labor power

    Stable palatability and stable nutrition of TMR feed reduce the stress from the change of feed. TMR feeding system reduces innovatively the labor power