Fresh, high quality roughage with easy digestion

Horse is an herbivore that can survive with only roughage. In particular, wild horses (grazing horses) eat grass for 12 hours a day. Domesticating horses are fed “Concentrated Feed” that contains a high level of energy and nutrients, instead of “Grass” with the aim to improve productive, mobile and economic effects.

Accordingly, “the remaining 50% of roughage” (50% is grain feed) is increasingly important to improve physical health. In other words, there is growing demand for fresh, quality roughage with easy digestion.

Among herbivores, the “Cow,” that has four stomachs, including a ruminant stomach (first stomach), has 72 hours of feed passing through its intestine while a “Horse,” which is a monogastric animal, has about 24 hours of feed passing through its intestine. Therefore, the roughage feed by horses, compared to cows, must be :

  •   Fiber F Max Riding
  •   Fiber F Max Breeding
  •   Philco Max Riding
  •   Fiber F Max Racing
  •   Fiber F Max Camel
  •   Philco Max Racing


High Quality FeedFiber F Max

Feeding Type
for Herbivores

Advantage of
Fiber F Max

  • Supply fermented microorganism (lactic acid bacteria) as well as Super Premium roughage.
  • Packaged forage that is easy and convenient to ensure constant and stable feeding yearly
  • Has the effect of supplying grass preferred by herbivores (supplying succulent feed)
  • Excellent palatability that has the effect of increasing feed consumption
  • Allows to reach 80% or more of roughage consumption requirement for horse (Despite differences in horse types, 50~60% can be met)
  • Very efficient to maximize the performance of breeding and high-performing stocks