This product is manufactured with a corn plant and a whole corn (Grains, leaves and stem) of silage-specialized corn kind
at the dent stage. It is kept in the fermentation state of traditional silage by lactic acid bacteria.

Good Points Of our Corn Silage

We are a favorite Feed Manufacturer
to the Customers and Farmers

  • 01 This product enables to be supplied through the year.
  • 02 This product has good quality and is standardized. We constructed manufacture factories for mass production. Mechanized production keeps constant quality of product. Our employees are dispatched to local factories and work there (Quality control).
  • 03 Our business is actively supported by local government.
  • 04 A silage enables to be utilized as a “Side dish” of cattle-raising system. By supplying juicy fodder through the year, this product increases a cattle’s fodder intake amount, prevents the metabolic disorder, and improves a cattle’s productivity. Shortening the non-pregnant period > Dramatically improving a cattle’s physical condition. In case of autologouscombination, this product takes the role of moisture-controller.
  • 05 This product rarely has nutrient loss. While the nutrient loss ratio for farm’s self combination of silage is 32%, but that of this product is within 2%. This product boasts 130% higher of nutrient price than domestic farm’s self produced silage.
  • 06 This product provides much convenience to a farm. By the planned purchase, a farm is free from the burden of purchasing roughages. Through dispersed, delivery purchase instead of large quantity purchase once at a time, a farm is free from the burdens of inventory and financial interest. By using this product, a farm is free from the burden of cultivating corn plants.


High Quality FeedCorn Silage

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Corn Silage