The Cornfeed Plus is a total mix of roughage that livestock needs.
It solves the matter of supplying roughage in a lump. It can replace all roughage (substitute of rice straw).

Fermented Product

  • This product is a fermented one (good function for cattle’s ruminant stomach).

Best Moisture Content Level

  • At feeding this fodder with a formulated fodder, this product contains natural plant’s structural organic
    water making the intake amount keeps the best moisture content level. (Abundant vitamins and minerals)

All Time Delivery

  • A farm is always supplied fresh products and is free from the inventory burden, and is convenient.

Basic Side Dish

  • As a basic side dish for livestock animals, this fodder can be provided up to 20~90% of
    total feeding fodder amount.

Wide Applying

  • Regardless of all farms’ various raising conditions, this product can be widely applied.

Improving a Cattle’s Physical Condition

  • Continually feeding this fodder enables to dramatically improve a cattle’s physical condition.
    (shortening the non-pregnant period, extending a cattle’s economic life span)